ASHLAND, VA/ABINGDON, UK – Green Biologics Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Green Biologics Ltd., a U.K. industrial biotechnology and renewable chemicals company, has received REACH certification. By registering with REACH, Green Biologics is now able to supply Europe with larger bulk quantities of its biobased n-butanol. The company has also obtained pre-registration for its biobased acetone and various derivatives, allowing it to ship up to 100 tonnes of these chemicals to Europe through June 1, 2018. This achievement underlines Green Biologics’ commitment to embracing a global view on customers and business. It also enables the company to solidify its long-term position as a supplier to customers and markets in Europe.

“Although Green Biologics’ first manufacturing site is based in North America, as the only producer of biobased n-butanol and acetone in the world there are a wide range of opportunities for our products to be adopted across Europe as replacements to their traditional petroleum-based counterparts,” said Sean Sutcliffe, Chief Executive at Green Biologics. “Europe will be a key growth market for our company, and the REACH registration of our n-butanol will help us navigate the many complex regulatory requirements associated with importing chemicals into the region.”