KWIKSPAR® 600 and Kwikspar 600SG polyaspartic coatings from PPG are corrosion-resistant, direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings formulated with advanced film-build and fast-cure characteristics to improve throughput in field and shop applications.

In highly corrosive environments, Kwikspar 600 (full-gloss) and Kwikspar 600SG (semi-gloss) coatings can be overcoated on AMERCOAT® 370 or SIGMAFAST® 278 epoxy primers to provide an ultra-fast-drying alternative to traditional three-coat corrosion protection systems. In low-to-moderately corrosive environments, one coat of Kwikspar 600 or Kwikspar 600SG can replace traditional two-coat epoxy/urethane systems.

Diane Kappas, PPG Vice President, Protective and Marine Coatings, Americas, said the technology behind Kwikspar polyaspartic coatings makes them highly cost-effective solutions for steel building and structural components that require excellent corrosion resistance, weathering, and gloss and color retention.

“When Kwikspar coatings are applied to steel in the shop, their ability to cure quickly accelerates production of finished parts,” she explained. “When applied in the field for maintenance or new construction projects, they have high film build, which enables applicators to achieve a desired finish more quickly. The coatings also can be applied directly to steel. The result is an exclusive combination of benefits that helps owners and contractors save time, labor and material cost, and return their assets to service quickly.”

Formulated from 73% solids, Kwikspar coatings cure up to eight times faster than standard polyurethane coatings in a 4-mil thickness on a low-temperature substrate. They also exhibit exceptional durability, flexibility and abrasion resistance.