CHANGSHA, China – PPG hosted the fourth PPG China Industrial Electrocoat Conference in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. The two-day event attracted more than 100 industrial electrocoat experts from government, design institutes and equipment manufacturers, as well as members of the trade media.

"As the world’s electrocoat leader, PPG closely follows trends and changes in the Chinese market,” said Tony Wu, PPG General Manager, Industrial Coatings, Greater China. “We establish targeted and localized research and development strategies to enable our customers to achieve greater success. We believe our continuous communication with customers, such as this conference, benefits the healthy development of the entire industry.” 

During the conference, PPG’s industrial coatings team highlighted the company’s ninth-generation electrocoat and introduced its application and technical support services. PPG experts also discussed current environmental regulations, waste treatment technologies and applications using innovative green technologies. In addition, PPG’s technical team introduced the company’s latest achievements in green liquid coatings and powder coatings products.

With PPG’s patented metal-free catalyst technology, the latest electrocoat products offer superior corrosion resistance, require lower temperatures for curing and enable easy application. They also provide customers with excellent performance and a more environmentally friendly painting experience.

"As our customers face increasingly stringent environmental regulations in China, we are dedicated to providing more and better options through our sustainable electrocoat products and technologies,” said Jeff Wang, PPG Senior Business Director, General Industrial Coatings, Greater China. "The conference offered a great platform to facilitate exchanges between PPG and industry experts regarding the challenges and our solutions. The positive feedback from attendees encourages us to continue holding this seminar and adjusting its content for current and emerging industry issues.”