SOUTHERN PINES, NC - CHEMARK Consulting Group, Southern Pines, North Carolina, announced its liaison with Specialty Coating Services Inc. (SCS) of Louisville, Kentucky. SCS is an independent testing and consulting firm focused on providing timely, professional technical services to the coatings industry. CHEMARK consulting group has a 42-year history of successfully assisting its clients with strategic direction based on accurate analytics.

SCS capabilities are provided by a qualified technical staff with over 50 years of experience in the development, testing and formulation of environmentally compliant and conventional finishing systems for virtually all facets of the coatings industry. All research development and formulation is conducted in the SCS laboratory, which is equipped to compound, apply and fully evaluate a wide variety of coating technologies. SCS Labs client requests may be addressed on a project, or via a long-term retainer basis wherein numerous projects may be undertaken individually or simultaneously, as per customer direction.

The combination of CHEMARK assisting clients in the strategic and tactical planning and implementation of new and existing product lines and SCS providing coatings formulation and application know-how, plus validating test data and benchmarking against industry standards, will provide a more robust benefits to clients.

Contact either CHEMARK Consulting Group, at 910/692.2492, or SCS, at 502/327.7252, for additional information.