HILLSBORO, OR – Phoseon Technology, a leader in UV LED curing solutions, announced an agreement with Sadechaf, Turnhout, Belgium, to distribute Phoseon products and LED solutions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. Sadechaf has more than 25 years of engineering and technical experience developing curing and bonding solutions.

With this relationship, Sadechaf will bundle value-added services to meet various UV curing requirements using Phoseon LED technology. Sadechaf will offer UV system design and fabrication, lamp replacement and services, as well as high-tech adhesives tailored to clients’ application requirements and aftercare services.

“As the demand for UV LED technology grows in curing and bonding industrial market, Sadechaf will bring valuable experience in providing integrated services, technical support and consultancy for the development of industrial UV LED applications,” said Rob Karsten, Phoseon’s EMEA Director of Sales.

“We are excited to partner with Phoseon to bring our customers the reliable and innovative LED curing technology,” said Jos De Groote, Managing Director of Sadechaf. “With this partnership, we can provide our customers a product with proven quality for their application needs. Our hardware engineers will be able to integrate the high-power UV sources in our customers’ processes while our chemical engineers will be able to offer UV adhesives that are perfectly matched to the UV sources.”