Kemper System America Inc. now features two cost-effective, reflective cool-roof solutions for prolonging the life of metal roofs, built-up roofing (BUR), modified bitumen and aged single-ply roof systems.

Roof Guardian® RG-170 is an elastomer-based coating system with a Class A fire rating and Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) rating of 109, ideal for prolonging the life of many types of roofing assemblies.

Roof Guardian RG-180 is a fiber-reinforced elastomeric coating with an SRI of 108, ideal for metal, concrete, single ply, modified bitumen, granular cap sheets and other approved surfaces.

Part of the company’s Roof Guardian Technologies line, the roof coatings are formulated using an acrylic polymer base for enhanced adhesion and durability, and can be quickly applied with a commercial-grade sprayer or roller. Both products are ENERGY STAR® and CRRC rated. The highly reflective bright white finish lowers the surface temperature of the roof, and the high solar reflectance index helps lower indoor temperatures to reduce building cooling requirements.

Formulated to resist cracking and peeling, both Roof Guardian products provide excellent waterproofing and long-term mildew resistance to extend the service life of the roof.

In addition to these Roof Guardian solutions, Kemper System offers an air barrier system through its STS Coatings line acquired in 2016. The components of this system include Wall Guardian® FW-100A liquid-applied fibered acrylic air barrier, which acts as a water/weather barrier and vapor retarder; GreatSeal® LT-100 polyether Liquid Tape for board-to-board joints, windows, doors, masonry, roof flashings, etc.; and UT-40 Universal Tape® for quickly sealing cracks, transitions, penetrations and seams in exterior wall systems.

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