PHILADELPHIA - Axalta Coating Systems has added Tufcote™ 5100 Epoxy Topcoat and Tufcote LV PR 5187 Epoxy Primer to its recently released Tufcote LV HG series.

In addition to the Tufcote LV HG alkyd and polyurethane coatings, these epoxy products are ideal for use in above-water conditions, on surfaces that are susceptible to weathering and corrosion, such as steel, wood, concrete, aluminum, fiberglass, storage tanks, machinery, and piers.

“We’re excited to continue to expand our line of Tufcote epoxy products,” said John Corry, Axalta Product Director, Industrial Coating Systems North America. “This topcoat is designed to provide industrial structures with protection and exceptional resistance to chipping and abrasion, making products sustainable for the long term. The Tufcote LV HG epoxy series offers a high-quality solution to customers who desire a coating with excellent durability, strong adhesion properties and a very high gloss finish.”

Tufcote 5100 Epoxy Topcoat is a two-part, heavy duty thixotropic solventborne coating that is formulated with a VOC level of 0.4 lbs/gal (50 g/l) to comply with the most stringent regulatory requirements in the U.S. market. It is available in three colors and may be applied by spray application, brush or roller. Tufcote LV PR 5187 Epoxy Primer is a light grey, two-part primer that has a 0.8 lbs/gal (100 g/l) VOC level that is recommended for use under Tufcote LV HG epoxy topcoat to maximize chemical and abrasion resistance.