PHILADELPHIA – Axalta Coating Systems announced the expansion of its Tufcote™ product line to include Tufcote 3.5 HH silicone alkyd direct-to-metal (DTM) topcoats for the economy industrial market. These high temperature-resistant products complement Axalta's cost-effective line of Tufcote finishes. When properly applied, the DTM silicone coating provides maximum heat resistance to surfaces such as smoke stacks, boiler fronts and mufflers that are exposed to high operating temperatures over extended periods of time.

"We are thrilled to add new high-heat products to Axalta’s industrial economy line," said John Corry, Axalta Product Director, North America Industrial. "The Tufcote 3.5 HH series is an ideal choice for customers who need an easy-to-apply coating that offers excellent durability, good resistance to cracking, and abrasion protection for exterior surfaces that yield temperatures up to 1200 °F."

The ready-to-use, single-component coating offers good hide and coverage to steel substrates while maintaining a high-quality, smooth finish. Available in black and aluminum, Tufcote 3.5 HH coating complies with National Rule regulatory requirements with a VOC level of 3.5 lbs/gal (420 g/l).

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