BURLINGTON, NJ – Hundreds of curious elementary school students in the Burlington, New Jersey, area conducted hands-on chemistry experiments using household products during the 30th annual National Chemistry Week, held Oct. 22-28, under a theme of "Chemistry Rocks."

Solvay's Chemistry Connection®, an award-winning science education program, captivated about 500 students at St. Paul's and Fountain Wood elementary schools thanks to Solvay, a global multi-specialty chemical company.

Local research chemists from Solvay's nearby laboratory in Bristol Township, Pennsylvania, shared chemistry insights as they conducted extraordinary science experiments using ordinary household products. The ambassadors' presentations marked the American Chemical Society's annual event to explore how "Chemistry Rocks."

School faculty and administrators also hope the students will gain a newfound interest and excitement for chemistry. "Many students — and even grownups — don't think twice about the extraordinary science behind essential everyday items like shampoo, dish detergent, automotive components, electronics and basically everything in our homes and all around us," explained Solvay Research Scientist, Adedamola "Damola" Adedeji who presented the experiments to the children.

"Our world's growing reliance on the sciences highlights the importance of science education. Showing students how chemistry rocks and improves our lives is one step toward developing the next generation of scientists. Our quality of life depends on these inquisitive and imaginative minds, and we want to do all we can to spark and encourage their scientific curiosity." Adedeji, who has been involved with program for more than 10 years, added, "We have a special way of making science fun for kids. You can just see their eyes light up during the experiments."

Solvay sponsors educational initiatives in communities around the world. More than 850,000 students nationwide have participated in Solvay's Chemistry Connection since the program was launched in 1989.