MONROE, NC - Following the release of its new branding in July, bulk material handling and automation specialist, Spiroflow, announced the launch of a new website.

The new website features a fresh, modern design for a worldwide audience, and provides users with faster and more complete access to critical information and solutions surrounding dry bulk material handling and automation.

Visitors will find new photo galleries and videos throughout the site. Key features include a dynamic content-rich homepage and navigation bar for direct access to process equipment, automation solutions, parts and service, and a resource hub. The resource hub connects visitors to additional content from the company’s blog, FAQs, news releases, literature, video library and case studies.

"We wanted this new website to meet two primary objectives. It is designed to provide visitors with a resource that enables them to solve problems they might be experiencing with their current powder handling processes. It is also designed to inform visitors about how they can automate new, or update existing, control systems and processes. There is also expanded content on after-sales support and commissioning, which shows how we help customers far beyond delivering a product," said Spiroflow's co-chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Dudas.

"Ultimately we always want our customers to feel confident about their choice. The new website has greatly expanded content organized so that visitors can consider solutions to their toughest bulk material handling and automation challenges and ultimately make more informed purchase decisions," Dudas added.

Spiroflow delivers engineered solutions designed to solve powder handling and processing challenges through the U.S.-based Spiroflow Systems Inc. and UK-based Spiroflow Limited business units.