Phoseon Technology has increased the performance of its FireJet™ FJ100 at 365nm and the FireJet FJ240 LED curing solution by 50%.

With the right combination of size and power in space-constrained environments, the FireJet FJ100 at 365nm is an optimal curing solution for adhesive and coating applications. When maximum dose and dwell time is critical for scanning cure applications, the FireJet FJ240, with its wide exposure window, is an ideal solution.

Packed with features that include support for Phoseon's WhisperCool™ and TargetCure™ technology, the FJ100 and FJ240 provide reliable and consistent performance at a quiet operating level.

Joe Becker, Product Marketing Manager at Phoseon Technology says, "With a 50% irradiance increase of the FJ240 to 12W/cm2 and the FJ100 at 365nm to 6W/cm2, these performance improvements boost throughput for existing application within the same footprint and enables new applications requiring higher irradiance levels and increased dose."

The FireJet product line of air-cooled UV LED curing lamps is ideal for UV Inkjet applications capable of curing at the highest speeds for small-, medium- and grand-format digital printing systems, as well as other curing applications.