LOUISVILLE, CO - Forge Nano, Louisville, Colorado, recently won a 2017 R&D 100 Award as co-developer with General Motors for the development of the Ultrathin Multifunctional Hybrid Coatings and Processes. The R&D 100 Awards have served as an innovation awards program for the past 55 years, honoring great R&D pioneers and their revolutionary ideas in science and technology.

“Forge Nano was founded with a vision to deploy precision nano-coatings to make many other technologies safer, less expensive and more efficient. That vision is now a reality, and it is extremely gratifying to be honored by the R&D 100 Awards for introducing one of 2017’s most innovative and influential technology solutions,” said Forge Nano Founder and CEO Dr. Paul Lichty, who accepted the award at the R&D 100 Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Forge Nano launched in 2013 with breakthrough technology that makes nano-coatings fast, affordable and scalable in manufacturing. The company specializes in nano-coatings and atomic film deposition, serving functions from corrosion resistance to electrical insulation or conduction. As demands for next-generation materials become more and more extreme, nano-engineered surface coatings can fulfill the need for enhanced properties and precise characteristics.

Together with General Motors, Forge Nano developed several ultrathin multifunctional hybrid coatings and processes. These ultrathin (thickness < 5nm) multifunctional coatings solve critical issues involved with gas generation, manganese dissolution induced capacity loss and safety issues associated with polymeric separators. Forge Nano has developed the technologies that enable scale-up production and commercialization of this innovation for both automotive and non-automotive applications. Their semi-continuous atomic layer deposition systems have a production capacity that makes it possible to implement the advanced surface coating technology into the next generation of lithium ion batteries.

For 55 years, R&D Magazine has bestowed the R&D100 Awards in the following categories: IT/Electrical, Mechanical Devices/Materials, Process/Prototyping, and Software/Services. Forge Nano and GM’s development of the Ultrathin Multifunctional Hybrid Coatings and Processes was selected as one of the 100 Most Technologically Significant New Products of the Year in the Mechanicals/Materials category, and the submission was among 500 finalist innovations. Learn more about the awards at https://www.rd100conference.com/.