CHICAGO - Fall 2017 marked the one-year milestone of the new Schold management team. During that one year, the company was able to accomplish many of its short-term and end-of-the-year goals. Some accomplishments include the redesign and advanced engineering of new and existing machinery, increased sales, redesign of the Schold brand, various plant improvements and remodeling, as well as team growth and the addition of new personnel.

Mixing solutionsAs the Schold organization and products evolve, it is growing the Schold brand and marketing efforts as well, starting with a new logo. The original mark was designed by Larry Fischbeck's father during the emergence of the company, and has since developed a wide network of industry trust and recognition.

As the company moves into a new era, Schold is presenting a bold, clean and modern identity. This new design retains the former Schold colors of red, black and gray, and continues to feature the trusted and well-known vortex signature of the former Schold logo.