SYLMAR, CA – PPG announced that it has qualified PPG CA7088 integral fuel tank aerospace coating to SAE International’s Aerospace Material Specification AMS-C-27725, Type 3, Grade 2.

Formulated without chrome as an intentionally added ingredient, PPG CA7088 integral fuel tank coating is qualified to the specification for corrosion-preventative coatings as Type 3 – a chrome-free coating with less than 420 grams per liter of VOC content. It also resists diethylene glycol monomethyl ether (DiEGME), which is added to military aircraft fuels to prevent icing, to meet the Grade 2 classification.

The coating can help protect the interior of an aircraft’s fuel tank against corrosion from fuel contaminants, such as water, salt water, aircraft fuels, hydraulic fluids, engine oils and dilute acid solutions, as well as DiEGME.

"The qualification demonstrates PPG's industry leadership in developing products that provide desirable environmental, health and safety qualities in combination with performance characteristics," said Duane Utter, PPG Global Segment Manager, Military Coatings and Defense Products. "The coating is now on the SAE Qualified Products List, which is important to military and airline maintenance operations in selecting products."

PPG CA7088 integral fuel tank aerospace coating is also being tested for qualification by military aircraft manufacturers.

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