Topsen Technology introduces Graxy™ at Booth #3042, an advanced replacement for zinc-rich epoxy primer in corrosion protection. Zinc-rich epoxy primer is a great product in corrosion protection. However, it fails to meet comprehensive requirements of performance and environmental protection for modern coating systems.

As a world-leading innovator and pioneer in graphene’s production and applications, Topsen Technology is dedicated to providing advanced modified resins for offshore and marine anticorrosion coating systems with its proprietary graphene technology.

Graxy is a modified graphene epoxy resin. The phenomenal graphene zinc anticorrosion primers are based on Graxy, which is designed to replace the zinc-rich primers. Features include:

  • Excellent corrosion protection;
  • Super long-term durability;
  • Strong adhesion; 
  • Good compatibility;
  • Easy construction;
  • Reduced cost; 
  • Environmental protection; 
  • No change in manufacturing process.

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