SOUTHFIELD, MI/NORTHPORT, AL – BASF Automotive Coatings and Thermission AG are bringing a new corrosion protection layering solution to the automotive market. The solution combines Thermission’s Zinc Thermal Diffusion (ZTD) process with BASFs Cathoguard electrodeposition process (E-coat) to provide advanced corrosion protection to structural metal components and to enhance the metal’s physical properties for automotive underbody and structural assemblies.

This process infuses zinc metal into the surface of a metallic substrate to form a resilient, zinc intermetallic bond that combines both corrosion protection of metals and enhancement of metal physical properties.

“With OEMs continually requiring innovative solutions for lightweight structural under-body components, this new layering solution is a game changer that provides 15 years of corrosion protection over the standard 10 years from E-coat technologies,” said Sean McKeon, BASF Vice President Coatings Solutions, North America. “We can now provide our customers with a progressive solution for long-lasting corrosion durability.”

Thermission received the Frost & Sullivan 2017 European Technology Innovation award for its Zinc Thermal Diffusion patented technology. Frost and Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed a product with innovative features and functionality gaining rapid acceptance in the market. For more information visit