Ideal for coating mass-produced small parts, the new Rotamat R 60 from Walther Trowal allows the effective processing of small batches of metal parts with relatively high bulk weights. Even though specifically designed for small batches, the R 60 coater offers all the functional features of larger coaters.

With the new Rotamat R 60 Walther Trowal is rounding off its equipment range for coating mass-produced bulk parts down to very small batches. For the very first time, it is now possible to effectively coat small-part volumes of up to 15 liters (4 gallons).

With a drum diameter of only 600 mm (24”), this coater is ideally suited for processing small-part batches for industries such as aerospace, where batch sizes rarely exceed 50 l (13 gallons). It also includes metallic-work pieces with high bulk weights, which might get damaged in larger drums through the intensive part-on-part contact. These include spikes for snow tires, bullets and balancing weights.

The R 60 Rotamat coater includes all the proven design features of the larger machines, like the supply and exhaust air handling system, the explosion-proof LED lighting of the drum interior and the drum drive shaft mounting.

Precise Control of the Supply Air Temperature

The temperature of the supply air is measured directly at the entry point into the drum. This is considerably more precise than the previous measuring point, where the sensor was placed at the exit of the heating unit. The result is a much more accurate control of the air temperature in the drum.

Eco-Friendly Operation

Like the larger models, the Rotamat R 60 incorporates a four-stage exhaust air filtering system with a paper labyrinth filter, a filter mat and two bag filters.

Low Energy Consumption

Walther Trowal sized the heating unit to reflect the smaller drum diameter. This resulted in a considerably lower heat input. Depending on the physical properties of the work pieces, the R 60 Rotamat can be equipped with a PID or step control of the heating unit. This allows customers to use coating materials, which cannot exceed or fall below certain temperatures.

Suitable for High Solvent Concentrations

The supply air volume in the new R 60 coater is measured with a Pitot tube. This allows the precise calculation of the solvent concentration and facilitates the certification of the machine for a high solvent throughput. This is very important for special applications like, for example, the coating of parts with an adhesion primer.