Visit Booth #2777 and experience how OCSiAl fosters innovation in coatings with its TUBALL™ nanotubes. Even at ultralow concentrations starting from just 0.03%, TUBALL single-wall carbon nanotubes are used to obtain colored ESD floorings, antistatic polyurethane coatings or conductive epoxy primers with uniform and permanent antistatic properties.

With OCSiAl's breakthrough technology, it is now possible to produce and market highly pure, single-wall carbon nanotubes at an economically viable price in the form of easy-to-handle industrial concentrates. TUBALL nanotubes are well-positioned to become the first choice in conductive additives for most types of coatings. Due to their high length-to-diameter ratio (>3,000 times) and exceptional flexibility, they can create a three-dimensional conductive network even at ultralow concentrations. In contrast to other conventional additives, this conductive network creates uniform and permanent volume and surface resistivity without any dangerous “hot spots”, insensitive to humidity.

Since only ultralow concentrations are needed, the final products retain their bright color, and there is little to no negative effect on the physical or mechanical characteristics of the original materials. TUBALL MATRIX concentrates with predispersed nanotubes provide for homogenous dispersion and significantly simplify nanotube handling, turning it into a clean, standard manufacturing process without the powder or dust associated with carbon black.

OCSiAl’s booth is showcasing its nanotube-based concentrates that are available in dissipative and conductive ranges for various polymers, be they be solvent-free, solvent-based and water-based formulations (acrylic, epoxy, polyester, polyurethane) to meet nearly every ESD application.