Enviro-Bond NCP-60 from Madison Chemical is a zero-phosphate conversion coater for the pretreatment of ferrous, aluminum, zinc and stainless alloys. Using inorganic nano zirconium technology with the latest in biodegradable surfactants, it chemically changes the surface to develop a nano-size inorganic structure, providing outstanding pretreatment when painting steel or aluminum without the use of harsh alkaline or caustic pre-cleaners. With a maximum operating temperature of 120 °F and concentration of 3% or less, Enviro-Bond NCP-60 is more cost efficient than traditional iron phosphates because it substantially reduces energy needs.  Additionally, it can increase corrosion resistance — significantly extending salt spray hours.  Enviro-Bond NCP-60 is ideal for all products, especially those for outdoor usage such as playground equipment, waste and recycling receptacles, site furnishings, and more.

Formulated for use with hard or soft water, this technology reduces sludge typically associated with conversion coatings.

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