MALMÖ, Sweden — In 2017, Perstorp showed a sales increase of 23% to SEK 13,592 million and reached volume-based sales growth of 10%. The company also reports that EBITDA excluding non-recurring items increased by 20% to a record high of SEK 2,133 million. A successful refinancing of the balance sheet in the third quarter of last year, amounting to €230 million, also gave the company lower interest rates on the floating rate notes.

The company reports that demand was solid across all three main regions — America, Europe and Asia — despite some geopolitical uncertainty. Perstorp’s continued focus on proactive pricing also enabled margin improvement.

Perstorp is a leader in specialty chemistry and for over 135 years, this expertise has been used to pioneer the development of highly innovative products that advance everyday life across the globe. In 2017, the company saw the launch of a number of exciting developments, further establishing its role as a market leader in specialty chemicals.

Perstorp has also made significant strides in its sustainability ambitions. In November in Shanghai, the company announced its ambition to become Finite Material Neutral, by switching to renewable resources and reusing finite resources in continuous loops. As a chemical company, Perstorp consumes significant amounts of electricity in production processes, and with this in mind, the company committed in 2017 to only use renewable electricity across all its domestic production plants.

 “Perstorp’s growth and exceptional EBITDA results were a major milestone for the company,” said Jan Secher, President and CEO, Perstorp. “The result is particularly encouraging as all areas of the business contributed to this incredible success. We continue to make significant progress based not only on our innovation and sustainability efforts, but also through customer centricity, strong leadership values and a company culture whereby all employees can reach their full potential.”