Visitors to Heraeus Noblelight America’s booth (601) will witness innovative UV-curing technology demonstrations including the first ever IoT-capable microwave-powered UV-curing system.

UV-curing technology demonstrations in the Heraeus Noblelight booth include the first IoT-capable microwave-powered UV curing system and real-time monitoring software, the Light Hammer® 10 Mark III with Advanced Integrated Monitoring System (AIMS). Using advanced sensor technology inside the lamp head with a smart power supply and the AIMS software, end users can monitor and analyze UV curing system data in real time from anywhere. Users can reduce unscheduled downtime, compare operations across and within plants to improve preventive maintenance practices, and improve product quality and production rates as a result of analyzing this UV system data.

Visitors will also see demonstrations of the Semray® UV LED modular plug and play UV-curing system on both bench top and floor standing conveyors ideal for laboratory testing and small scale production. The new AIMS software can also monitor the Semray UV LED curing systems providing IoT for UV LED curing.

R&D chemists and other booth visitors who currently have 10-inch and 6-inch microwave-powered UV-curing systems can learn about the new, easy-to-retrofit solid-state power supplies that save up to 50% on energy costs and weigh 80% less.

Kevin Joesel, Director of Sales, UVP, noted, “In addition to seeing the latest innovations in UV curing equipment, visitors can learn more about the ChemQuest Technology Institute and how to utilize it for accelerating UV chemistry R&D and process development. Plus conference attendees have the opportunity to hear five technical presentations from representatives of Heraeus Noblelight America during the conference sessions on topics such as “Highly efficient UV curing process provided by UV LED with IR irradiation”, and “Intelligent Photon Delivery Systems Powered by IoT”, among others.”

Heraeus is honored to be the Sponsor for the debut of presentations by RadLaunch Award winners at this year’s RadTech 2018 conference. RadLaunch is a new RadTech accelerator program that supports early-stage start-ups and small businesses as they seek to incorporate new UV + EB technology into manufacturing processes. Heraeus Noblelight America is a RadLaunch corporate sponsor. Learn more about RadLaunch.