LOS ANGELES — Dunn-Edwards has released its 2019 Color and Design Trends with the theme of "Spirited Journeys." The five color palettes will be showcased in a series of animated video stories highlighting the textures, materials and cultural references inspiring the trends. The videos will roll out one a week, starting with the release of Extreme Odyssey.

This annual glimpse at how our culture influences the popular colors and design is curated by color expert and stylist Sara McLean. "People are always interested in trending colors, but that is just part of the story," she explains. "The textures and materials pair with color to tell a story about what's happening in our lives and the world around us."

Five key trends for 2019 encompass an appreciation for the past with an excitement for what lies ahead.

Trend 1 — Extreme Odyssey embraces innovations in architecture and design, experimenting with contemporary and performance art moods. "Bling is on a downtrend, evolving to influences of deep sea exploration, with colors of cold neutrals and pastels, along with pink and mauve," she says. "We'll welcome aquatic tones, contrasted with pearled white, camouflage, grayed purple and terracotta."  Look for weathered and oxidized textiles, metals, wood and ceramics. Arctic ice transparent, frosty minerals and shell colors will make an appearance.

Trend 2 — City Stroll speaks to our playful side with bright colors, modern and artsy – friendly designs with a touch of humor. This joyful expression allows us to make daily life fun and light-hearted. Expect dazzling bright colors, paired with bright white, sporty graphic colors and near neons. "Color next year will have a swimming pool vibe, with coated accessories, rounded shapes, inflatables and icy finishes," McLean describes.  "We're loving shades of teal, mango, sangria and dark chocolate."

Trend 3 — Poetic Passage speaks to the soft and subtle side of life that incorporates nature in a chic, minimalist atmosphere. These colors are soft, tender, poetic and elegant. "We'll see delicate, bleached, fresh neutrals and warm naturals lit by cool icy tones," McLean explains. "Casual blues and tender pinks will be paired with graphic colors, sophisticated nude palettes and desaturated colors."  Light velvet, twill, monochromatic jacquard, velvet corduroy, cocoon-style, pillow-top, satin sheen will be popular, along with British-inspired wardrobe of tweeds, tartans, among other classic fabrics.

Trend 4 — Country Caper reflects the inspiration of the bountiful garden with flowers and foliage with a Bohemian mood in search of the idyllic country life.  "We paint ourselves a perfect escape, with idyllic expressions reminiscent of the French and English countryside," said McLean. For colors, think of fresh, moisture-drenched hues of greens, from soft and grayed to dark and vibrant. "They pair well with brown, pastels, juicy red and chalky neutrals."  Extra-large or multi-colored elegant geometric patterns will emerge, along with houndstooth, checkerboard, jacquards and polka dots.

Trend 5 — Sojourn design trends mirror the richness and diversity of Mediterranean culture, spiked with a dose of soul from our heritage. We'll be seeing a dense, spicy and exotic range of colors that invoke nostalgic journeys. Simple primary colors paired with outdoorsy olive, brown and ochre. "We can expect folkloric and craft textures, such as cotton basket weave, handmade rugs, furs and skins," she said. "These are comforting colors and materials that remind us of our history."

The 2019 Color and Design Trend palettes and video stories, beginning with Extreme Odyssey, can be viewed here. For more details and inspiration, visit McLean's blog, specs+spaces.