With the EcoGun AS MAN 1AF, Dürr is adding another manual spray gun to its suite of application technology tools. The pressure-assisted gravity feed cup system is particularly suitable for applying viscous and thixotropic coating media, because it provides a fine spray pattern, even with highly viscous materials.

Atomization is a key factor in obtaining a desirable, high-quality painting result. The new EcoGun AS MAN 1AF takes this into consideration by feeding compressed air to the pressurized cup at a rate of up to 0.4 bar. This means that even viscous materials can be applied. A pressure-relief valve ensures that the pressure in the gravity feed cup system does not exceed 0.4 bar. Since the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) only applies above 0.5 bar, the gravity feed cup system provides consistent, excellent application quality.

The EcoGun AS MAN 1AF features a fast application speed - even with vicious and thixotropic materials. This system is suitable for nearly all materials used in woodworking and painting, as well as in furniture production. This includes solvent- and water-based paints, stains, glazes, lubricants, prim, and adhesives. Whether for furniture makers who want to paint small areas or painters with special applications, the infinite adjustment of the manual spray gun’s wide and round spray makes it extremely versatile. It also comes with a wide range of nozzle sizes.

The gravity feed cup system is a cost-effective alternative to the pressure-fed spray gun since neither a pump nor pressure vessel is required, and its optimized operating principle means that it consumes less coating media. Because of its low weight and ergonomic handle, the EcoGun AS MAN 1AF fits comfortably in the hand. The fully nickel-plated surface also makes this spray gun easy to clean.

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