Exhibiting at Tabletop #78, MÜNZING provides innovative additive solutions. The technical team’s dedication to providing top-quality products results in finding new ways to improve performance, quality and technical innovation. The latest in MÜNZING’s line of defoamers and dispersants include:


· AGITAN® 786N modified organosiloxane-based defoamer for aqueous systems. Designed to provide superior defoaming persistence and excellent dispersibility without causing wetting defects such as craters or fisheyes. It is suitable for industrial, architectural coatings and printing ink applications.


· AGITAN® 5068 hybrid defoamer technology for aqueous systems. Provides optimum foam control without causing wetting defects and provides excellent defoaming during manufacturing, drum filling and application. Suitable for industrial, architectural and roof coatings as well as adhesives.


· EDAPLAN® LA 414 and LA 415 modified organopolysiloxane-based slip additives suitable for water-based and solvent-based systems. These products provide excellent slip properties and improve scratch resistance and leveling without influencing recoatability and without any foaming tendency.