Custom Milling & Consulting is now offering the Planetary Plus Mixer, which is available for product evaluations in the company’s Customer Testing Laboratory. This mixer provides a powerful combination of mixing elements for the most demanding high-viscosity products with complex requirements such as powder wetting under high shear, and temperature sensitivity.

CMC is an expert in the wet processing technology that is used for particle size reduction and dispersion equipment. As the market continues to grow, and the demand for specialty applications grows, CMC has risen to the challenge and met the needs of customers.

The CMC Planetary Plus Mixer is constructed with a pair of planetary finger blades, which revolve around a center-mounted high-shear dispersing blade, along with a side wall scraper. Each finger blade rotates on its own axis, while simultaneously orbiting around the mixing vessel. This double planetary motion ensures uniform mixing of all ingredients, while the high-shear disperser quickly wets powders through the center of the tank. While this is happening, the sidewall scraper helps move materials away from the heated or cooled tank walls.

The unique design of the finger blades contributes to the efficiency and versatility of this machine. Each finger blade is designed with extensions that are angled to move materials in three directions for complete blending, without dead zones, hot spots or cold spots. Blades are angled to push viscous materials up, down and horizontally. This “combination” of various mixing actions in one machine provides a more uniform mixture of your product – that means uniform consistency, uniform particle distribution, and uniform temperature.

Some additional features of the mixer are::

· Jacketed vacuum tank

· All wetted parts are stainless steel and highly polished to facilitate cleaning and reduce the risk of product contamination

· Handle viscosity range of 100,000 cps to 2,000,000 cps

· Precision machined tanks for ram discharge

· Available in explosion proof and TEFC

· Can be outfitted with sanitary fittings

The CMC Planetary Plus Mixer is ideal for products such as putty, adhesives, thick coatings, grease, inks and more. It is designed to be able to mix a wide range of viscosity, and offers low-shear blending, high-shear dispersion and temperature control, all in one machine.