KANSAS CITY, MO – A pair of municipal water tanks in Katy, Texas, are this year’s winner of the Tank of the Year competition sponsored by Tnemec Co. Inc., a leading provider of high-performance coatings. The legged water tanks were selected by a panel of water tank enthusiasts based on criteria such as artistic value, significance of the tank to the community, and challenges encountered during the project.

“Rolf and Peter Goetzinger of Spokane, Washington, used a HydroFlon fluoropolymer coating system to paint their murals that extend above and below the handrails that encircle the tanks,” explained Doug Hansen, Director — Water Tank Market for Tnemec. “The murals represent a connection to the Katy Prairie Conservancy area where geese go to winter.”

Other water tanks among the top 12 finalists for 2018 are Moorhead, Minnesota; West Columbia, South Carolina; Laurens, South Carolina; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Fair Oaks, Indiana; Lawrence, Indiana; Dewitt, Michigan; Arvada, Colorado; and Fairborn, Ohio. In Hamilton, Ontario, a sphere-shaped methane storage tank resembling a globe was also selected as a finalist.

A one-million-gallon water tank from Cayce, South Carolina, received the largest number of online votes this year to make it the winner of the People’s Choice category. The water tank features the city of Cayce logo positioned above a blue wave pattern symbolizing the city’s location on the Congaree River.

“This is the 13th anniversary of the competition, which recognizes the most impressive coatings projects in the water tank industry,” Hansen added. “Nearly 270 water tanks were nominated, and more than 30,000 online votes were cast this year from across the U.S. and Canada. This year’s finalists represent several different types of water tanks including legged designs, composite constructions, ground storage tanks, pedestal styles in various shapes and sizes, as well as tanks used to store methane captured from sewage treatment.”

The Tank of the Year will be featured as the month of January in Tnemec’s 2019 water tank calendar. All finalists and nominations will be included in the following months of the calendar.