ALPHARETTA, GA — In September of 2016, the merger of Allnex with Nuplex was finalized. Now, the legacy companies have unveiled a combined website, bringing the best practices of both into one user-friendly experience.

Besides showcasing the history of commitment to innovation and engagement, as well as a global reach, the website also features a custom-created Product Finder.

 “We are thrilled to launch this new website for our customers,” said Miguel Mantas, CEO. “When legacy Allnex and Nuplex combined two years ago, we kept our websites separate due to the large number of products both companies offered. Now, our existing and potential customers will have a much better tool to quickly narrow down their searches and find exactly what it is they’re looking for with a few simple clicks.”

The website’s Product Finder offers the ability to search for products based on a variety of categories, including but not limited to region, technology, application, performance, chemistry, formulation and application advantages, green attributes, and final product advantages. The Product Finder also enables users to enter keywords to simplify their search.

With the goal of providing visitors with an optimal user experience, allnex has completely rethought the way it offers information on specific markets on its website. With its new Markets & Applications section split into 24 segments, it is now easy for users to find exactly what they need for the market in which they are active.

Sustainability also occupies a place of pride in the new allnex website. As a leading industrial coating resins company, sustainability is a key part of allnex’s continued success and commitment to its stakeholders. The company embraces this responsibility and stays focused and dedicated to pursuing a greener and more sustainable future together with customers.

The new website also reflects the global nature of allnex, offering information in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese.