MALMÖ, Sweden — Perstorp has increased capacity of di-pentaerythritol (Di-Penta) by up to 40%. This is a result of improved efficiency and debottlenecking at all Di-Penta producing sites.

Di-Penta is used in a number of applications such as UV cured coatings, synthetic lubricants, high-solids alkyd coatings, fire resistant Charmor™ coatings and lead-free PVC stabilizers. Di-Penta brings properties such as a thermo-stability, UV-stability, and weather-, chemical- and scratch-resistance. It is also an important raw material in many environmentally friendly applications.

As the largest global producer of Di-Penta, Perstorp is working on all fronts to meet the increased customer demand of Di-Penta. To secure product availability, Perstorp has worked to maximize Di-Penta production capacity, which has resulted in a capacity increase and a fully available product.

The strategy to meet customer demand for Perstorp Di-Penta now and in the future also includes a number of innovation projects focused on application development for complementary solutions.