MEDINA, OH – RPM International Inc. outlined the company’s operating improvement plan at an Investor Day held in Baltimore, Maryland. The plan, known as “MAP to Growth,” includes initiatives designed to drive greater efficiency to accelerate growth and increase value from the entrepreneurial culture and leading brands that have been the foundation of RPM’s success for decades.

At the event, RPM Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Frank C. Sullivan and other key executives discussed the progress already underway and expanded on key elements of the plan to increase profitability across all of the company’s business segments. The company also provided a series of financial goals that it is targeting to achieve by May 31, 2021. These goals include $6.25 billion in annual revenue; $1 billion in EBIT on an annualized run rate, representing 540 basis points of margin improvement; and $1.5 billion of capital returned to shareholders.

“We could not be more excited about the opportunities ahead for RPM,” said Sullivan. “Having now completed a comprehensive and detailed analysis across our operations, we have identified significant potential to increase efficiency and drive the long-term profitability of our company. Our MAP to Growth plan is designed to create world-class operations and manufacturing for our businesses. Combining that with our proven track record of growing innovative, market-leading brands will put us in a powerful position for the future.”

The plan includes a realignment of the company’s six business groups into four: Performance Coatings, Construction Products, Consumer Products, and Specialty Products. These newly aligned groups will be led by four operating presidents: Dave Dennsteadt for Performance Coatings, Paul Hoogenboom for Construction Products, Terry Horan for Consumer Products, and John McLaughlin for Specialty Products. Each of these group leaders has decades of experience at RPM and within the industry. By the end of calendar 2020, these four groups will constitute RPM’s reporting segments versus the current reportable segments of Industrial, Consumer and Specialty.

The company also plans a target of $290 million in annualized cost savings by Dec. 31, 2020 through consolidation and, where appropriate, centralization of key shared service functions including manufacturing operations, supply chain and procurement, information technology, and finance and administration.

The plan will maintain the company’s entrepreneurial growth culture by keeping key customer-focused functions that make RPM unique, such as technical support, sales, marketing, and R&D at the business level.

Also included in the plan is a disciplined and value-creating “protect the house” approach to capital allocation, designed to maintain an investment-grade profile while allowing for further investment in growth, strategic M&A spending, and return of capital to shareholders including over $1 billion targeted in share repurchases and more than $500 million targeted in dividend payouts.

The company has already begun instituting numerous changes, including establishing an operating improvement committee, appointing two new members to the Board of Directors, and engaging a top consulting firm to support execution.

Sullivan added, “RPM has a history of being a great home for entrepreneurial companies. By carrying out our MAP to Growth initiative, we will become an even better destination for them, with operations that execute well and capitalize on RPM’s natural synergy opportunities. We are confident that we can achieve the targets that we’ve set and look forward to delivering long-term growth and enhanced value for all of our stakeholders.”