CHARLOTTE, NC — In September 2018, KRÜSS Scientific Instruments Inc. and Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington, came together to support the education of new engineers in the rapidly growing field of composites manufacturing. This collaboration allows Western Washington University students the opportunity to work with KRÜSS’ instrumentation and technology during their time within the Plastics & Composites Engineering program.

John Misasi, Assistant Professor at Western Washington, said, “Our students, staff and faculty work closely with industrial partners to study and solve real-world problems in hopes of benefitting our students’ future careers and our partners’ research needs. WWU’s relationship with KRÜSS is a great example of such a partnership. Our students are using KRÜSS instruments to gain hands-on experience with surface science and characterization instruments in both course work and industry-sponsored research.”

The partnership will allow both academic and industry professionals within the Pacific Northeast to understand, explore and advance composite bonding research, in addition to much more. For further information about how to be considered for a partnership opportunity with KRÜSS, reach out to its North American headquarters via