OTTAWA, Ontario — The Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA) launched a new website that highlights the importance of coatings products in everyday life and the many environmental benefits derived from coatings products in the architectural, automotive and industrial sectors. It also showcases how coatings products help reduce the environmental footprint of other industries.

The coatings industry is among the most heavily regulated sectors in Canada’s economy for the protection of human health and the environment. CPCA has worked with trusted paint and coatings brands since 1913 to support their ongoing compliance with existing regulations. CPCA has taken steps to ensure member companies are at the forefront of regulatory development and compliance in Canada, while mitigating risk to the reputation of their brands. 

CPCA has developed a custom-designed, multi-functional member resources center called the Canada CoatingsHUB. This is a cutting edge approach in digital communications for regulatory compliance, delivered on all platforms. It provides members with the critical data they need for important decision-making on a wide range of chemicals used in thousands of consumer and industrial products. Members can create their own individual dashboard, set priorities and identify resource types needed to do their job.

 “We strongly believe that associations must manage the vast amount of data sources members need in a practical and functional manner rather than continue the practice of death by a thousand emails,” said Gary LeRoux, CPCA’s President and CEO.

Getting the data you need, when you need it, is the core of any strong compliance and issue management program. The key is to sustain it over the long-term in an organized, cohesive and comprehensive manner. The Canada CoatingsHub delivers that for members. Chemical assessment and chemical communications requires a comprehensive set of data points to capture and disseminate the required data throughout complex supply chains.  Users are able to track industry issues in real-time with filtering capabilities and resources categorized by industry issue. The Canada CoatingsHUB provides member organizations with issue specific-resources, qualified news, and industry information to support issue management and regulatory compliance within their organizations. All resources are searchable by keyword. CPCA’s Compliance Calendar alerts members to important compliance dates and deadlines. The HUB will greatly simplify navigating Canadian industry issues, legislation and regulations specific to the coatings industry for CPCA member companies.

“Over the years CPCA has always been service-oriented, engaging effectively with members, governments and multi-stakeholder groups to ensure our members have access to the information they need. This new digital approach takes it beyond the old ways of doing things and to the internet of things where we all now get our information,” said Tim Vogel, CEO of Cloverdale Paint and CPCA Chair. This new approach allows members to get the information they need, on their terms, without the fear of missing important compliance requirements, all delivered in a fully responsive manner. Members now can retrieve what they need, when they need it, on whatever platform they are using.