CHARLOTTE, NC – KRÜSS Scientific Instruments Inc. has joined the Institute of Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI). This organization is a partnership between academic institutions, industry and multi-level government entities across the United States working together to enhance the nation’s economic efficiency. Collaborative Solutions Corp. (CSC), a not-for-profit organization, was originally established by the University of Tennessee Research Foundation and currently manages the institute.

John Hopkins, the CEO of IACMI, stated, “The Composites Institute is proud to add KRÜSS to our thriving membership community of over 150 organizations. This collaboration supports IACMI’s mission to provide production-relevant environments for innovation to reach our goals of creating low-cost, energy-efficient manufacturing of composites for domestic and international growth.”

Together, KRÜSS and IACMI’s extensive network will engage in strategic project development to further research and opportunities in surface science.

KRÜSS Scientific Instruments Inc.’s Head of Applications, Frederick Fiddler, said, “I look forward to innovative possibilities that will result from our partnership and interactions within IACMI. Our expertise and knowledge in surface science when combined with the wealth of industry challenges and experiences of the other IACMI members will result in smarter manufacturing and overall better products for the future.”

KRÜSS will attend the 2019 Member’s Meeting this week in Indianapolis. The meeting will showcase the technical advances of the institute, highlight member successes, explore workforce development projects and more. Additionally, IACMI will unveil the newly developed Manufacturing Design Lab at Purdue University for the first time.