ATLANTA — Huber Engineered Materials (HEM), a specialty engineered materials company owned by the J.M. Huber Corp. (Huber), has entered into a definitive agreement with Dunes Point Capital LP to acquire Miller Chemical & Fertilizer LLC (Miller).

Miller, founded in 1937, has nearly 100 employees and is headquartered in Hanover, Pennsylvania, where its manufacturing operations are located. The company manufactures and distributes crop protection and nutritional agrichemical products designed to improve plant and crop production quality and yield.

 “The acquisition of Miller furthers HEM’s mission to build a diverse portfolio of small- to medium-sized, competitively advantaged businesses in the chemical and mineral markets,” said Dan Krawczyk, President of HEM. “We are excited to welcome Miller’s employees into the HEM organization and work with them to continue to serve their customers globally with world-class products and services.”

The current management team and employees will continue to operate Miller’s operations and serve the company’s customers as a business unit within HEM.

Mike Marberry, CEO and President of the J.M. Huber Corp., said, “This acquisition is a strategically important step in Huber’s ongoing effort to diversify its overall portfolio with new specialty businesses that can grow and deliver significant value to their customers. This marks a significant milestone in HEM’s history, and we look forward to introducing Miller’s employees to the Huber Principles, and working with them to expand this business on a global basis.”