HOLLAND, MI – OMT-Veyhl USA is releasing its 2019 Design Book, a twist on previous years’ powder coat color reference books.

Enlisting the skills of color and materials expert Kerry Rowe of Kerry Rowe Design LLC, OMT-Veyhl USA announced a new format to its powder coat color reference books and the release of the 2019 Design Book.

This year’s Design Book goes much deeper than the company’s previous color books, exploring color and material trends from the fashion industry, as these trends generally lead the way for designers in other industries. The intention was to create a fun, idea-generating tool that allows manufacturers to connect architects and designers with forward thinking spaces that support today’s work styles.

The 2019 Design Book showcases seven color and material palettes in a variety of design personalities, incorporating OMT-Veyhl USA’s extensive powder coat offerings and providing design pro tips throughout. Physical powder coat sample rings are available upon request.

OMT-Veyhl’s past color books are still available on its website, as well as over 200 powder coat colors to choose from. A color-matching service is also available by filling out a Custom Color Request form on the website.

OMT-Veyhl USA, Holland, Michigan, is a corporation established as a joint venture between German companies OMT Gmbh and Veyhl Gmbh, industry leaders in Europe who united in 2006. OMT-Veyhl USA is a top furniture supplier of height-adjustable and ergonomic products. Its mission is to create safer, healthier and more efficient work environments through ergonomic, state-of-the-art workspace components. More information about OMT-Veyhl USA, the PC line, products, and services is available at http://www.omt-veyhl.com.