HOLLAND, MI - The installation of a new, one-of-a-kind automated powder coat line will improve productivity and efficiency at the OMT-Veyhl USA manufacturing unit. OMT-Veyhl USA, Holland, Michigan, produces workspace components. The new line will triple the output of painted parts per day.

The powder coat (PC) line was custom designed for OMT-Veyhl USA by its engineers. Every part of this PC line has been carefully engineered to reach its fullest potential of efficiency and environmental friendliness. Energy is consistently saved or renewed while allowing for minimal waste throughout the powder coating process.

One of the many advantages of the new PC line is its ability to reuse heat from the ovens to heat the facility. Not only does it reuse heat, but it reuses the water from the product wash. It does this by filtering the water through special oil filters that separate the water and oil. The water can be reused in the wash and the oil will be recycled for other uses. Lastly, the new PC offers light curtains the parts pass through before entering the powder booths. These curtains inform the powder guns where the parts are on the rack, which allows the powder guns to only spray powder in that area, reducing the amount of powder and energy used.