Kevin D. Braun, Vice President, PPG Industries, will deliver the keynote address at the Eastern Coatings Show this morning at 8:00 a.m. The presentation will explore digital transformation and emerging technologies to meet new demand for products that integrate mobility and environmental protection. The latest advancements in functional coatings will be highlighted, and new solutions for traditional coatings industry challenges will be addressed.

“I know Braun’s expertise and inspiration will set the tone for a dynamic, forward-looking conference that will leave us all with new energy and ideas for our industry,” said Dave White, ECS President. Braun was named Vice President, Industrial Coatings, Americas of PPG in 2013. Throughout his 28 years with the company he has held various positions including Production Engineer in the coatings manufacturing facility; Industrial Coatings Market Manager; Sales Director, architectural coatings business; General Manager, silica products; and Vice President, global raw materials. He earned a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Capital University.

Braun’s keynote address, titled “The Future of the Coating Industry: How Current Trends Are Driving Change,” will review the convergence of two megatrends that are creating new demand for products that integrate mobility and environmental protection, and the challenges and opportunities they present to the coatings industry. Specifically, his speech will examine how coatings manufacturers can leverage the latest advancements in functional coatings and explore possibilities for multi-purpose coatings that layer more than one functionality into a single formulation. “Strategic innovation is the key to success in today’s business climate,” maintains Dave White. “The ECS is an ideal platform to meet with raw material, packaging or equipment suppliers and attend technical presentations and panel discussions on the latest trends, technologies and services in the coatings industry.”