The EcoQuip® EQs Dual Line Vapor Abrasive® blasting system from Graco Inc. is designed for industrial markets such as oil and gas, marine, and infrastructure. The new equipment allows contractors to complete large blasting jobs faster, with two outlets and a 12-cubic-foot pressure pot capable of blasting up to four hours with two blasters at once.

“Industrial blasting customers wanted the benefits of our EcoQuip line – less dust, less water, less abrasive usage, less containment – but with the ability to blast with two nozzles,” said Bryce Gapinski, Graco Product Manager for the EcoQuip line of products. “Our engineering team went to work to give blasters the best experience, enabling up to two blasters to work from the same pot and control system, without sacrificing consistent blasting performance. With EcoQuip technology and dual lines, blasters can get the most production out of their day – blasting longer without having to refill the pot as often.”

The new EQs Dual Line system is designed for easy transportation around the job site, fits in an extended truck bed, and includes forklift pockets and lifting hooks. A single control box with a simple user interface allows for blasting with one or two nozzles at the same time. The unit also includes a 120-gallon water tank for job sites without a pressurized water source.