HAMBURG, Germany — Chemical distributor Krahn Chemie GmbH has acquired eMBe Products & Service GmbH, a leading additive manufacturer for the ceramics and powder metal industry in Europe.

Founded in 2007, eMBe Products & Service produces binder systems for the thermoplastic shaping of sinterable powder materials (ceramic and metallurgic). The company also develops individualized product solutions with customers at a technical center or on location. Products from eMBe are produced under the Embemould® and Embelube® trade names.

“The acquisition of eMBe is closely linked with our strategy of supporting customers in a targeted fashion in all stages of their production processes, from the raw material to the end product. Krahn has been active in technical ceramics for more than 25 years now and has made a special contribution to the development of this market in the dental field. We are now going a step further and bundling our competence with the technical know-how of eMBe in order to be able to address the wishes of customers even more individually and also convince companies that don’t yet use ceramics of the advantages of this material. This is because ceramics are and remain materials with a future, the application portfolio of which is still far from being exhausted,” said Axel Sebbesse, Managing Director of Krahn Chemie GmbH.