CINCINNATI — The sustainability initiative has gained global momentum in recent years, but The Shepherd Color Co. has been implementing various forms of sustainable practices for decades. As a global producer of complex inorganic color pigments, the company has been naturally pursuing sustainability in an effort to “do what’s right” when it comes to people and the environment for over 80 years. To support its values as well as respond to customer’s needs and demands, the company’s efforts in this area continue to evolve.

For almost a decade, Shepherd Color has made a global effort to ensure that raw materials are obtained in an ethical manner. Numerous policies are in place to declare the due diligence among staff members and suppliers that they are taking measures not to source conflict minerals, like those from the Democratic Republic of Congo. “We have become more knowledgeable and more thoughtful about how we source our raw materials — not just what we make with our product but what we bring in the door,” said Chris Collesel, Purchasing Manager.

Along with sustainable sourcing, Shepherd Color is focused on social sustainability, which represents the relationship with people. The company’s founders set high standards for the ethical treatment of employees, clients and communities. “Even with Shepherd Color’s extensive growth, its focus on social sustainability is set through its human relations principles and policies,” said Nathan Hatfield, Human Resources Manager for the company. “An example would be how we coordinate programs like our tuition reimbursement. Whether you’re a part-time or full-time employee, you’re eligible for tuition reimbursement. And you can pursue any degree program at any accredited university.”

The main layer to sustainability that Shepherd Color focuses on is economic sustainability. Since 1930, Shepherd Color has been developing long-lasting inorganic color pigments. The company’s pigments are durable, which decreases the need to be replaced every few years, and are reflective, keeping buildings and surrounding cityscapes cool and saving energy. The company’s Arctic® reflective technology pigments are now fifth-generation products, proving that Shepherd Color has continued to advance its products over the last 30 years, helping customers save more money and helping the environment stay cooler.

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