COLUMBUS, OH – OCSiAl, a producer of graphene nanotubes, announced a licensing agreement with Brazilian company Skintech for production of OCSiAl’s TUBALL Matrix product. Skintech will manufacture and supply TUBALL Matrix for customers in Brazil, with production beginning immediately.

The agreement is another step in OCSiAl’s expansion into the North, Central and South American markets. The company’s TUBALL Matrix product is an additive that transforms existing materials to reduce weight, improve strength, increase adhesion or add conductivity. Initial applications in the Americas are focused on electrostatic discharge (ESD) flooring.

“We have achieved significant market penetration for TUBALL and TUBALL Matrix in Europe and Asia, and this agreement with Skintech will accelerate our activities in the Americas by streamlining access to customers in Brazil,” said Hugues Jacquemin, CEO, OCSiAl USA. “By establishing regional manufacturing facilities, we can reduce delivery costs and time to delivery for customers in this part of the world.”

Through its unique production process, OCSiAl can produce nano additives at a cost 75 times lower than competitive technologies and at a scale that has never before been possible. The resulting products are TUBALL, a universal graphene additive that augments material performance, and TUBALL Matrix, a pre-dispersed form of TUBALL.

TUBALL Matrix builds on the properties of TUBALL to enable faster mixing, easier handling and broad compatibility with base materials. In the ESD flooring space, when added to coating mixes, it eliminates hot spots and reduces material requirements and costs.

“We see great potential in TUBALL Matrix and are excited to work with OCSiAl to introduce this product to customers in Brazil,” said Claudemir Gracino, owner and director of Skintech.