AKRON, OH – The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. completed the de-bottlenecking of its world-scale Ultra High Purity Dicyclopentadiene (UHP-DCPD) Recovery Unit at its chemical plant in Beaumont, Texas.

The DCPD concentration unit was constructed in late 2016 to purify DCPD up to the 99+ percent purity levels. The Goodyear-Beaumont facility has been refining crude C5s into high-purity isoprene monomer, Piperylenes and DCPD since the 1970s. 

Ultra-high-purity DCPD is used in the manufacturing of reaction injection molded poly-DCPD tractor truck fascia, hoods, fenders and air deflectors. It is also used to manufacture specialty chemicals such as time-release fertilizer coatings, thermoset electrical circuit boards, aroma chemicals for laundry detergents, and antioxidants. UHP-DCPD is also used to make EPDM rubber and ENB, a diene monomer in EPDM.