MONHEIM AM RHEIN, Germany — The global chemical company Oxea has decided to further expand its production capacities for TCD alcohol to meet market demand. Following a successful initial feasibility study, the board of directors approved the capacity increase investment for TCD alcohol in Oberhausen, Germany. Basic engineering is about to begin, and Oxea expects the additional capacity to be available by the second half of 2021. TCD alcohol is used in optoelectronics, packaging, automotive applications, and specialty adhesives and surface coating systems.

“Oxea has initiated this capacity increase project for this important, highly functional molecule as a commitment to our customers. We feel responsible for supplying the market by increasing product availability and strengthening supply reliability. Once the project has been completed in 2021, we expect to cover the anticipated demand of the global TCD alcohol market for the upcoming years,” said Jorge Moshe Castro Roldan, Global Business Director Specialty Polyols, Higher Aldehydes & Amines at Oxea.