BURGDORF, Switzerland — Swiss company SANITIZED Preservation AG, which specializes in antimicrobial protection of paints and coatings, is opening a new subsidiary in India. Saravana Kumar, who has wide experience in the Asian market for antimicrobial ingredients, has been appointed Business Director Asia-Pacific of SANITIZED Preservation India Pvt. Ltd.

High humidity levels present a significant performance challenge when it comes to the production, storage and use of paints and coatings. Fungi, algae and bacteria cause spoilage that can adversely affect the appearance of paint surfaces or even cause health problems. SANITIZED Preservation AG offers both in-can and dry film preservation for paints and coatings, which are designed to prevent exactly these unfavorable effects. As experts for antimicrobial hygiene function, SANITIZED Preservation AG, in cooperation with the industry, has developed tailor-made solutions to overcome these challenges.

The company also offers consultation regarding regulatory issues. Manufacturers of paints and coatings can show that their products offer antimicrobial protection by labeling them with the ingredient brand Sanitized®.

“SANITIZED Preservation AG delivers high-quality and innovative products for the ACES market (adhesives, coatings, elastomers and sealants). We have the opportunity to adapt our products to meet the specific climatic requirements of local customers,” said Saravana Kumar, Business Director Asia-Pacific.

“This is a strategic milestone for the SANITIZED Group,” said David Tierney, CEO of SANITIZED Preservation AG. “Our presence in India will provide us with proximity to our customers in addition to quicker response times for customized product developments. This is to the benefit of customers in all of Southeast Asia,” continued Tierney.