CLEVELAND — Global protective coatings leader Sherwin-Williams has delivered a diverse range of protective coatings to more than a million square meters of HMS Queen Elizabeth and sister ship HMS Prince of Wales — the largest warships ever built for the Royal Navy.

Sherwin Williams was selected to supply corrosion protection marine coatings to the various external and internal surfaces of the two prestigious vessels. Principle applications included exterior decks, berthing spaces, passageways, wet areas, machinery spaces, cabins, galleys and the bridge, while ensuring longer corrosion protection and a visually appealing aesthetic finish.

“There can be no room for compromise on projects of this nature, which require the very highest preparation and application of the best marine coatings available. We feel privileged to have been involved in providing both knowledge and expertise in the marine environment to combat corrosion and to deliver the highest aesthetic finish over such a large scale of surface areas. This will protect these flagship British naval carriers for many years to come,” said Sherwin-Williams Product Manager Alex Sandilands.

Thanks to its long track record of providing excellent corrosion protection on steel surfaces, the Sherwin-Williams high-build epoxy zinc phosphate primer Macropoxy C425v2 was applied to both carriers. The high solids, two-pack Macropoxy M922 containing micronised glass flake and anti-corrosive pigments was successfully used as a tank lining.

The Sherwin-Williams Biogard M630V2 water-based epoxy finish was applied in various colors to wet space areas such as bathrooms, galleys, decontamination spaces, laundries and machinery space bulkheads, and all standing decks. A range of water-based finishes, including M770 and Sherwin-Williams Macropoxy M630V2 in pebble or white, were also used to provide a protective aesthetic appearance on various areas of the ships.

HMS Queen Elizabeth was delivered to the Royal Navy in December 2017, while completion of coatings for HMS Prince of Wales is scheduled for later this year.