HOUSTON - NACE International and SSPC, The Society for Protective Coatings, announced their joint decision to hire McKinley Advisors to manage the ongoing exploratory process for a potential cooperative relationship between the two organizations. Through its experience with many similar transactions, McKinley Advisors has developed a thorough model to gather member and stakeholder feedback and evaluate options for collaboration.

Selected for its expertise and success in guiding other organizations through similar endeavors, McKinley is serving as a third party, independent advisor as it helps both organizations navigate numerous considerations related to financial, strategic, cultural and other barriers.

“We invited McKinley to meet with the NACE and SSPC teams at our last meeting and quickly recognized the value their experience and knowledge brings to our discussions,” said NACE International President Terry Greenfield. “They’ve worked with many organizations who have been through this process, and they’ve seen it all. They are going to be a great help to us as we navigate any challenges.”

“McKinley is a respected, proven entity, and they bring a neutral point of view along with their expert insight,” said SSPC President Joe Walker. “It’s already helping us make effective decisions more quickly. We’re impressed with what we’ve seen so far and optimistic that this will help us make the best, most informed decisions we can on behalf of our members.”

Both organizations will communicate regularly about progress. To receive updates from the associations, e-mail cooperation@nace.org or news@sspc.org.