Don’t miss tomorrow afternoon’s panel discussion, which is titled, What Would a 100%-Sustainable Coatings Industry Look Like?

The coatings industry has been on the road to sustainability for many years now. Once driven by regulatory changes, the “green technology’ movement has evolved into something much more powerful and meaningful. Regulations are still a compelling influencer, however now our industry is also strongly affected by customer demands and a pure desire to do what’s right for the planet. Most coatings suppliers and manufacturers have incorporated sustainability into their organizations, but since sustainability isn’t something that can be measured or simply defined, it can mean many different things. If the coatings industry could be 100% sustainable, what would that mean? What are the hurdles that are preventing us from achieving this, and how can industry work together to accomplish our sustainability goals?

Five industry experts from across the value chain will come together to discuss this important topic. Be sure to attend and be a part of the conversation!

Can't attend? PCI is broadcasting the event and archiving on our website for one year. Watch the discussion from your home or office at;F:APIUTILS!51004&PageID=F9622165-5E65-48A2-8038-843F319B2272&AffiliateData=website.