JOHANNESBURG — The Epoxy and Resins Technology Africa 2020 Conference, Exhibition & Workshop will take place March 25-27, 2020, at the Emperors Palace Hotel in Johannesburg.

In the rapidly growing paints and coatings industry, epoxy resins are used in powder coatings applied to automotive and appliances parts, in solventborne coatings applied to substrates in corrosive environment, and in water-based coatings as electrodeposition primers in automobiles. In the electronics industry, theses are widely used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Modernized consumer electronics products in tandem with the growing urbanization and rising disposable income of consumers has resulted in massive demand of such products, which in turn has increased demand for epoxy resins. Increase in construction activities in many countries and revamping of the older structures coupled with consumer demand for feature-rich coatings has mainly driven the demand for epoxy in the coatings industry. Technological advancements associated with these resins have also been a crucial growth factor for the epoxy resins market. The Africa resins market is likely to be a growth market for epoxy resins.

For the first time in Africa, SJG Capital will be hosting the Epoxy and Resins Conference, Exhibition & Workshop to promote the development of the epoxy resin industry and its applied technologies in Africa. The conference will allow companies to present their products, as well as better understand the African market and meet potential customers and suppliers. Delegates will learn about new developments in composites use, new applications, current innovations in the industry, and the future challenges in epoxy and resins technology.

Presentations will cover topics such as application status and development prospects of general and specific epoxy resins; market analysis of epoxy resins; new techniques and products relating to adhesives, coatings, pouring materials, casting materials, plastic packaging materials and compound materials; and an introduction to new techniques and products on curing agents, accelerators, diluents, additives, modifiers and fillers.

The event is suitable for a number of industry professionals including resins and chemical manufacturing companies, industrial production managers, engineers (civil, mechanical, chemical and industrial), building scientists and architects, raw material suppliers, research and innovation agencies, government agencies and officials supporting innovation, equipment assemblers, vehicle and automotive companies, mining companies, water and wastewater companies, sustainability and environment managers, and packaging and fiberglass companies.