CARLSBAD, CA - Nordson ASYMTEK, a global leader in dispensing and conformal coating equipment and technologies, has received awards for two of its products that deliver conformal coating solutions.

The new Qadence™ Flow Control System was awarded the Mexico Innovation award by Mexico EMS publications on Oct. 23, 2019, during the SMTA Guadalajara conference. The Qadence system delivers closed-loop flow control at new levels of accuracy with highly consistent performance. It uses an enhanced spray process and flow stabilization to automatically compensate for viscosity changes during conformal coating.

The Panorama™ S-Line received the Global Technology award from Global SMT & Packaging magazine during Productronica, in Munich, Germany, on Nov. 12, 2019. This Panorama line solution delivers conformal coating process control in a space-saving footprint with overlapping line processes that minimize manufacturing floor space. The innovative, patent-pending line layout trims 50% from the line's length by using the lower compartment in each piece of equipment for the heated return or flash-off process.

"Winning awards in Mexico and Germany demonstrates the global reach and technological importance of Nordson ASYMTEK products," said Peter Bierhuis, President, Nordson ASYMTEK. "Conformal coating has become an essential part of manufacturing in microelectronics and the automotive industry in particular where eliminating electrical failures is critical. Our new Panorama system addresses the need for consistent, high-quality conformal coating with a cost-efficient machine-to-machine solution."

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