CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Coatings Society is issuing a call for papers for the Sink or Swim Technical Symposium. This year the society set out to answer a very basic question relevant to the coatings industry:  Why Do We Paint? The answer is both simple and complex. There are many responses, from protecting our surfaces and infrastructure to beautifying our surroundings by decorating those surfaces. This year, the Sink or Swim Technical Symposium is soliciting papers that will help industry professionals to accomplish these objectives. As in years past, the symposium will have three sessions. This year, they will center on substrates, which include wood, concrete, metals and plastics. Members of the coatings industry are invited to submit their best solutions for protecting and decorating these substrates. Any aspect of coatings technology is fair game, as long as it helps explore the answer of how to protect and decorate surfaces and substrates.

The symposium takes place June 2-3, 2020. For additional information about the symposium, visit https://www.ClevelandCoatingsSociety.Org.