The VOC compliant VpCI®-384 is an excellent coating for industrial applications and severe outdoor conditions. Although this coating does not rely on traditional sacrificial metals to inhibit corrosion, it offers protection that competes with most paints and zinc-rich primers.

VpCI-384 is a two-component urethane topcoat that offers excellent adhesion to moisture cure urethane primers such as VpCI-396. It also performs well over most other primers on the market including Cortec’s VpCI-395 water-based epoxy coating and water-based CorrVerter® Rust Converting Primer. The latter makes an excellent surface prep alternative to sandblasting when applying VpCI-384 to pre-rusted surfaces. Workers can simply clean away loose rust, apply CorrVerter to passivate and protect the surface, and use VpCI-384 as a heavy-duty topcoat.

In addition to inhibiting corrosion, VpCI-384 also leaves an attractive appearance on metal surfaces and can be matched to a wide range of RAL custom colors. As an aliphatic urethane, VpCI-384 is an excellent choice for exterior coating and offers good UV protection. VpCI-384 uses NANO VpCI inhibitors with a low environmental impact to protect against microcorrosion.

Unlike traditional sacrificial metal corrosion inhibitors that leave gaps because of their large particle size, NANO VpCI Technology protects micro-cavities by forming a microscopic corrosion-inhibiting layer along the contours of the metal substrate for fuller inhibitor coverage. With VOCs at 3.5 lbs/gal (419 g/L), VpCI-384 is also considered VOC compliant in many areas.

Metals in severe industrial and outdoor environments need heavy-duty protection that will withstand harsh conditions. VpCI-384 is a top-quality coating for these applications. Paired with a good primer, it will make an excellent coatings system for protecting metal assets in severe environments.

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